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The People United asbl is an association founded in Luxembourg in 2015 by the choreographer Hannah Ma and her production team to develop society-changing, art-based programs. Since 2015, various cross-genre, cross-media dance and theatre productions, master classes, workshops, lectures and community actvites have been created that deal with topics such as: Diversity Broadcasting, Gender Mainstreaming and the strengthening of feminist campaigns under the motto: “Transition into the WE”.

The People United asbl under the artstic direction of Hannah Ma works with instiutions such as the Festival Passages Metz | FR, German Consulate General New York | NY, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland | GER, Fonds Darstellende Künste | GER, Arp Museum am Rolandseck | GER UJ Arts & Culture Johannesburg | ZA, National Arts Festival Southafrica | ZA, MAC Creteil Paris | FR, Theater Trier | GER, Business and Arts Southafrica | ZA, Theaterfederatioun Luxembourg | LU, CAPE Ettelbrück | LU, Theatres de la Ville | LU, Arp Museum Rolandseck | GER, LEM-Studios Berlin | GER, Théâtre National Luxemburg | LU, Jomba! Festival | ZA, Shibak Sharqi | GER, Uferstudios | GER, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen| GER, The German Unesco Commission| GER, EU- European Comission- Creative Europe (EU).




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Review on ONDA ( Théâtre National Luxemburg)  in Luxemburger Wort

„Die einstündige Choreografie beeindruckt durch die radikalen Ausbrüche der Tänzer*innen wie durch die fließenden Übergänge(...) erschafft mitreißende Momentaufnahmen und Synergien nach dem Vorbild der Naturgewalt und im Einklang mit ihr(...). Wer sich auf die Choreografie einlässt, kann sich mit den Tänzer*innen hineinstürzen ins Ungewisse. Zugleich ist es ein ästhetisches Erlebnis, das mit den gängigen Konventionen des Zeitgenössischen Tanzes bricht.“
Emma Appel, Luxemburger Wort 




Hannah Ma | The People United  were nominated for the finals: 




We are happy about this:

Hannah Mas work with The People United and the creation H.E.R.O.E.S were choosen to be published as part ofKunst in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft- Beiträge der Künste für das Zusammenleben in Vielfalt“- edited by Bertelsmann Stiftung and the German UNESCO commission.



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Interview von Michael Freundt (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) mit Hannah Ma:
Hannah Ma: "decolonisation is a matter of individual evolution" at Fachtag „The Other Body - Tanz und Rassismus |
| The Performative Political Body of today“/ Schillertheater Berlin:



What people say:

German Consulate General, New York about People United in: „Rauhnacht- WANDERER work in progress“:„Last night, award-winning dancer and choreographer Hannah Ma and her dance company The People United took our sold-out audience to the cold mountain regions of the Alps with her piece “Rauhnacht” .The performance depicted archaic rituals that can be found in Asia and elsewhere, the mythical and rhythmic performance centered around war, resurrection and the duality between good and evil. Inspiring and highly professional, it does not come as a surprise that Hannah Ma’s company was chosen as one of the five dance theaters to present Germany at the APAP Conference NYC.“




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